Packaging your Prophetic Word

By Elaina Ayala

It was 2008 and I was a brand new Christian. My life had just changed dramatically as a born-again believer, and in many areas, I was learning to walk again. On top of that, I was now having all sorts of spiritual experiences with God that I couldn’t quite put language on.

For instance, on any given day, I might have a strong feeling about a future situation, see an unusual reoccurring number sequence that later symbolized something real, or occasionally, elements from my dreams would show up in real life the next day. I soon realized, through many discussions with my mentors, that I had the gift of prophecy (as outlined, along with the other spiritual gifts, in 1 Corinthians 12).

I didn’t know how to navigate this gift, all I knew was I was receiving pieces of valid information that I didn’t quite know how to “package” for another human — well at least in a way they could connect to that wasn’t super messy and socially awkward. Man, did I make my share of messes?! Oops! Continue reading “Packaging your Prophetic Word”